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Channeling Help: Techniques to Assist Channels in Dealing with Higher Frequencies So They Don't Get Fried Energetically.

Many of my clients and friends are well known psychics and channels. Because I channel highly refined energies myself and work with others who channel both healing energies and information, I've observed and helped correct the following condition numerous times.

I call it "Getting Fried." If you channel energy or information, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes you nerves just get fried. You feel like you've been burned from the inside out - like you just stuck a fork into an electrical socket. You feel shaky, tired, and worn out. The rapid aging that some channels experience is due to this phenomenon. The energies coming in are of such a high frequency that the channel's physical body can't handle them.

It is up to the channel to keep their body in a pristine condition so there is no resistence. Resistence happens in the nervous system. The energy comes in and there is resistence throughout the nervous system. That is the system that carries information as electrical signals. It is also the system that carries the energy. If properly cared for and nurtured, there is little or no resistence, channeling is easy and the body easily handles it.

There is a reason that adepts, sages, monks, etc. go through years of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline. It is to properly prepare the body for this work. It also teaches them how to be mature and use the energy responsibly.

Here are my suggestions to assist in clearing and nurturing the energy channels and nervous system:

  1. Eliminate junk food, heavily processed food, and cut down or completely eliminate meat products. You are constantly creating new cells. The more life force available in the foods you eat, the more life force your new cells will have. They will be healthier and of a higher vibration. Foods full of preservatives, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics cause nothing but problems. These things can't be eliminated and are stored in the fat cells - clogging up the energy system. They cause resistence. There is a reason organic costs more. Its much better for you.
  2. Drink tons of pure water. And if you are channeling alot, drink even more.
  3. Get the rest your body requires. When you feel tired, rest. No excuses.
  4. Make sure you are getting plenty of trace minerals. If you channel high vibrations, then the body requires that the minerals be in perfect balance and readily available all of the time. Otherwise things don't operate properly and you feel exhausted. I personally drink water enhanced with Xooma Xtreme X2O every morning. Many people find this very helpful.
  5. Move the body. It is required. It keeps the energy channels open and keeping the body fit assists in accepting higher vibrations without resistence. I do yoga sun salutations every day and dance whenever I can. Raven does Tai Chi and martial arts. What do you do? Yoga sun salutations and Tai Chi keep the energy channels open. It is part of the beauty of those movement forms. You must do something to keep the channels open.
  6. Routinely cleansing the body with detox baths and cleansing teas.
  7. Use the Dancing Dolphin Essences Sunshine and Joyful Gems to assist the body in handling these higher frequencies - to clear and protect the energy channels and the body. These two energy elixirs were made specifically for this purpose.

In addition to the recommendations above, I developed the following specifically to help myself and my clients who are psychics and channels. This wisdom is now my gift to you.

Use the Dancing Dolphin Essence Clear Channel before you channel energy. It soothes the entire nervous system with the platinum ray. If you are a channel and have any overload symptoms, this is the essence for you. Many people that do planetary healing or channel other energies sometimes get the jitters. Often the legs feel so jittery they can't sleep. Take some before bed. This essence just calms that right down. It also helps repair any damage you've already done to your nerves from working with high frequency before your body was truly prepared to handle it.


Soothing the Body with the Platinum Ray.

When something rubs up against something else and there is resistence it causes friction. Friction causes heat. In the human body, high frequency energy blasting through can cause great amounts of friction. This friction causes heat, inflammation, and can literally result in nerve damage. The liquid platinum acts as a powerful lubricant protecting the nerves from the potential damage caused by friction. If you don't keep oil in your car and keep everything properly lubricated, the engine will grind to a halt. Don't let that happen to your own body.

This is an extremely effective meditation. Use it often:

The whole body: Call in your guides, the platinum ray, and the dolphins - this is their ray after all. See a drop of liquid platinum at your crown chakra. Allow this soothing healing energy to melt down throughout your body. Take it slow. See it slowly coating your brain and throughout your head. Take it down into your neck. Spread it out to coat your upper torso and melt down into your arms all the way to the finger tips. Then see it melt throughout your torso bathing, coating, soothing all of your internal organs. Slowly let it melt down each leg, through the knees, into the feet and finally the toes. You should look like a giant platinum person.

The nervous system: See the platinum ray filling up the brain and then continuing down the spinal column - soothing, cooling, and repairing everything. Then see every nerve in your body coated on the inside of the nerve shaft and on the outside of the nerve shaft with this liquid platinum.

Do this both before and after each channeling session. You will notice a huge difference.


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